Sunday, May 29, 2011


What a bonehead move.  I was playing around with my tripod and remote the other day, so I turned off the Auto Power Off fuction.  Well, I guess I forgot to turn it back on again, so this morning my camera battery was dead.  Luckily I do have a second battery, and the dead one is now charging, but I guess I really need to make a note to myself not to do that!

Today apparently is yardwork day.  We're on a watering ban at the moment because of the flood scare we had here in town - the water levels rose high enough that the water treatment plant is working overtime and we're supposed to be cutting down on our water consumption, so no uneccessary water use.  That being said, I just planted 4 hanging baskets and a rose bush yesterday, and I'm not about to let them die, so I did stealth watering this morning - not the easiest thing in the world when you back out onto a walking path and a main street.  Hubby was up bright and early this morning to dispose of a tree that we cut down last weekend, he now has the lawn mowed and is getting ready to reseed after having it aerated the other week.  I really need to weed, but I hate weeding, so I'm procrastinating on that.  Instead, I grabbed Little man, a blanket and a bunch of toys, and took him outside to the front yard to play in the shade while I helped dispose of 3 years worth of leaves and junk hiding under the hedges.  And of course I brought my camera outside with me, just in case there was a good photo op.  I really need to get some practice shooting outdoors - I'm having real trouble with blowing whites, even more so than indoors, and I thought I was bad with that indoors!

Anway, here are a few from today.


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