Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Major Milestone... and Fun with Filters

I thought moving into the big boy carseat was Milestone enough for one week, but Little Man decided to surprise me and step it up a notch.  After a few days of being absolutely miserable and cranky, and me attributing it to him being constipated, he completely caught me off guard when he popped not just one, but two teeth.  Yes, two teeth - LM is quite the overachiever!  It took me a few attempts to get into his mouth and check for teeth, and I still haven't been able to really see them - he's not really on board with the whole idea, and I'm thinking his mouth has got to be a bit tender.  But I can feel them if I run my finger along his bottom gums, and I was able to catch a really quick glimpse of them.  I sure won't be taking any pictures of them anytime soon though!

I was able to get some pictures today though, using my new Magnification Filters.  They were suggested to me as a reasonably priced alternative to the macro lens that I can't possibly afford or justify at the moment.  If I could, I'd be all over the Canon 100mm f2.8.  Maybe I can suggest it as a Birthday or Christmas present, but that's still quite a ways away.  $20 for a set of 4 magnification filters is much more within my budget at the moment. 

I really need to work on nailing focus using these.  I've read that it might be best to manually focus the lens (I'm using my 18-55mm kit lens - I could also use my 55-250 telephoto zoom lens, I'll probably try that one next.)  It's also been suggested to me that I try using my tripod and remote, so I'll give that a try as well.  Still though, the out of focus look actually kind of works with these spring flowers (yes, it's still Spring in my neck of the woods!)

These were all taken very quickly in a break between two thunderstorms - I had just enough time to pop the +10 filter onto my lens and run out to the front yard to see what I could get.  I'll definitely be trying this again, and I think I might try stacking the filters next time.


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