Thursday, June 9, 2011

Insomnia and Frustration

The insomnia isn't mine, the frustration, however, is.  I could sleep, no problem.  I'd love to sleep.  I've forgotten what it's like to put my head down at night and not wake up for 8+ blissful hours.  In a perfect world, insomniac babies would go to insomniac parents and then they could happily not sleep together.  I'm thinking that there probably aren't enough babies that sleep really well to go around though.  I've been making do with 3-4 hours stretches of sleep for about the past month or so, and considering that prior to that it was months of 1.5 - 2 hour stretches of sleep, it was a major improvement.  I'd kind of figured that eventually he'd start stretching it out longer himself, and we'd both begin to get some good sleep.  Apparently that's not the case.  Last night was a major regression.  He was up every hour or 2.  Nothing was consoling him, not eating, not cuddling, not coming to bed with Mommy.  Nothing.  Today is going to be one of those days where there just isn't enough coffee in the world.  I think it's time for hardcore, cold-turkey, sleep training.

Ferber, take me away...

Onto the frustration.  I've had a string of days where I've truly believed my photography sucked.  A 5 year old could probably take better pictures with a disposable camera.  My focus is off, my pictures are all noisy, I can't get color right.  If I could make everything black and white I would, but I think that would only fly if it was currently 1911 rather than 2011.  I'm hoping it's just a slump and I'll get out of it and start being happy with my work again.

Out of a couple hundred pictures I've taken over the past week, this is really the only one that I was happy enough with to actually edit.

I know that it's somewhat of an up-the-nose shot, and the focus is more on his cheek than his eyes, but I like how intently he's looking at the toy.  Mommy-goggles I know, but I guess sometimes that's just enough to love a picture.


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